Adaptation of road infrastructure to climate change

Project 9
Networking and communication of the research programme “Adaptation of road infrastructure to climate change” (AdSVIS)
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All AdSVIS-subprojects have related research themes that partly build upon each other. Therefore, networking the subprojects is essential for enabling the exchange of results and partial results, to discuss methodology and create a collective database.

Aside from this, methodology and research results of the subprojects, as well as the resulting need of action, must be communicated to the AdSVIS target groups. This concerns in particular administrations in charge of road planning and construction. Only then it is possible that the project results are applied in practice and therefore lead to greater transport safety and efficient use of funds during construction and maintenance of road infrastructures.

adelphi is developing communication formats for internal communication within the research programme that foster mutual exchange. At the same time, adelphi is providing support for the joint external communication of the results of all subprojects. This includes various event formats and communication media as well as the committee work of the BASt.

Project data

Term of project: 01/08/2013 – 31/01/2017


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